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About us

Reebert is specializing in Global Procurement and Global Shopping businesses. We Help To Get!

1)  We help to make Global Procurement and Global Shoppingas easy as local procurement and shopping;

2)  We care about details;

3)  We promise what we can;

4)  We follow agreed procedures.

Our advantages,

1)   Rich experiences in global procurement, business development fields, and international shopping market;

2)   Rich experiences with multinational companies, understanding their normal practices and procedures, meanwhile we know the local market, culture, and people better;

3)   Global insight and mind, getting used to multicultural, multinational business environments;

4)   Goal-oriented, detail-oriented, passionate and easygoing.

Our key businesses are divided into two sections based on the current global roles of countries like China, Germany, other countries in the world, and the current global economic situation, which are, Section A, Reebert Global Procurement, Project Based Material Procurement; and Section B, Reebert Global Shopping, Cross-border E-commerce to China.

Section A: Reebert Global Procurement, Project Based Material Procurement ( Business E-mail: inquiry-GP@Reebert.com)

We Help To Get in your industrial projects!

Our existing clients include:


The first business section of Reebert is Project Based Material Procurement, we try to help our industrial and engineering projectclients to make global procurement as easy as local procurement. We Care About Details &We Promise What We Can& We Follow Agreed Procedures!

If you are an engineering company outside China/Europe who want to procure project based materials from China/Europe with fair prices and stable quality meanwhile you dont have offices there, please contact us! We are your reliable partner here!

a) From China

Nowadays, China is a well-known WORLD FACTORY, competitive price level worth its quality, and massive production capacity here, make MADE IN CHINA appear in our sight almost everywhere in the world, so many companies outside China want to and be willing to purchase products made in China, thus to lower their purchasing Total Costs of Ownership(TCO), so as to make their companies more competitive in the market, meanwhile due to culture differences, language differences, and other differences there make it not that easy to do procurement from China for companies outside China, especially for those Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) who normally dont have offices here in China, that's one of the reasons that Reebert was founded! We can work as your partner here, working as Global Procurement Center China for these SMEs who are eager to purchase products from China!

Basing on our experiences, connections here in China and other countries, our focusat this momentis for Project Based Material Procurement from EPC companies, engineering rated companies or other industrial companies which are involved in projects; As we all know that to finish a project is not an easy task, it needs full cooperation between the sales/bidding team at the beginning, project management team, engineering design team, procurement team, construction team, commissioning team(if necessary), fiance team……etc., meanwhile due to fierce market competition both locally and globally, more and more engineering companies face great pressure for lump-sum prices of projects from clients/owners at the beginning, and this pressure follows during the project execution phase later on……Reebert's focus is the Project Based Material Procurement section, as we have rich experiences in this field;

For the portion which you intend to purchase from China, we can help on the following detailed points,

1)  Strategic supplier selection;

2)  Supplier audit and approval, including supplier continuous improving;

3)  Supplier inquiry;

4)  Technical clarifications with suppliers;

5)  Commercial negotiations with suppliers;

6)  Purchase order placement;

7)  Kick-off meeting with the supplier(if necessary);

8)  Desk expediting and supplier factory site expediting(if necessary);

9)  Final acceptance inspection at supplier sites;

10) Logistics from China to your project sites.

Our target for the whole involvement above is using our experiences and capabilities to lower the TCO of end purchasing party, thus to make your company more competitive no matter at project bidding phase, at project execution phase, even at project Maintenance, Repair, and Operations(MRO) phase later on.

b) From Germany and other European countries

     Besides these above, due to our experiences and connections there, we can also help and supply similar services and products above for our clients to do Project Based Procurement from Germany and other European countries, we know the normal practices and procedures there too. We think the stable fabrication technics and comparablly complete quality control precedures from Germany and other European countries will provide one more option for our clients.

     So if you also want to do Project Based Material Procurement from Germany and other European countries, you can also contact Reebert, well help you to get there too! We can also be your partner there, work as your Global Procurement Center Europe for SMEs who are eager to purchase products from Germany and other European countries!

One Party Only

     Considering the characteristics of industrial and construction projects, to supply better global procurement services and products to our clients, our business philosophy is, for purchasing party and supplying party in the same business, well only have a business agreement with one of them, and then only stand for and work for the interests of this party, NO agreements with the other party,  no matter whether they are conflict with the first agreement or not, no matter its in public or in private, and no matter what good relationships we have with the other party, will be allowed to exsist.

Section B: Reebert Global Shopping, Cross-border E-commerce to China ( Business E-mail:inquiry-GS@Reebert.com)

We Help To Get in your everyday life!

     If you are a company outside China who wants to enter China market with your nice products/services; or if you are a Chinese in China who want to buy nice quality EVERYDAY USE products from other countries in the world with reasonable prices, please also contact us!

If we say the first business Section A above of Reebert is specializing in industrial and engineering project area, trying to make global procurements there easier, the second business field of Reebert is nice products of EVERYDAY USE, trying to make Chinese people's global shopping easier in daily life, help everyone to realize the daily life target, For Quality Life, By Global Shopping!

     China Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area(China-HZGEC) is the first special area in China approved by China State Council to enhance the development of cross-border e-commerce businesses, companies in it can share and enjoy a serial of favorable special government policies for cross-border e-commerce businesses from China Customs, China Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China State Administration of Foreign Exchange, China State Administration of Taxation, China State Administration of Industry & Commerce, China Ministry of Public Security etc.; As a company registered in China Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Maker Space at Xihu District Park of China-HZGEC, we're also specializing in Cross-border E-commerce for nice products of EVERYDAY USE from countries outside China  to China.

Because of the fast growing of China economy, more and more Chinese people are trying to pursue for higher quality life, but the general China environment, both the hardwares and softwares are NOT ready for that although the general economy is growing, or we can say at least not ready for that at this moment, like the most important basic food, water, air and other daily life products, air and water here is not as clean as before because of industrialization, food safety scandals happened now and then, such as for baby milk powder, edible oil, meat etc., meanwhile China has about 1.4 billion population in which a big portion are middle/upper class consumers because of fast growing of general China economy……Under this general stage of China development, more and more people here are willing to pay more for higher quality products so as to improve their living standard, besides this, more and more people are also even chasing for the fashion trend of luxury products……

     We all know that nowadays the globe is like a village for everyone, especially because of the internet connections, meanwhile every country has its comparative advantages in some fields for some kinds of products, for example, French cosmetics are well-known and popular in the world; Italian hand-made leather products are good and liked by most people; Japanese electronic products are designed well and humanized which most people also want to owe; Beef and wool products in New Zealand are welcomed by most people too; Besides cars, German kitchenware design and quality also ranks top in the world……So under this basic consuming upgrading environment here in China and developing stages of other countries in the world, Reebert is trying to introduce more and more high quality products abroad to Chinese people, especially from those developed countries, such as Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, etc.. Reebert are closely cooperating with our local partners in these countries to supply selected products to Chinese people. Our business target for this is very simple too, to let more and more Chinese people easily enjoy a higher life standard here in China with global nice products.

     If you have nice products from countries outside China, these products sell well in your local market even some other markets, and you want to enter China market but you dont have capabilities to apply for the market entrance permit and do the sales here, you can also consider to contact us, we can help you start your businesses here at China Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area which is easier, also means a nice start here for your businesses in China; Just like an old saying here in China, A Good Beginning Is Half Done! A good beginning has always been important!

     Please just contact us if you want an easier and good beginning of your businesses here in China!






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