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Reebert is specializing in Global Procurement and Global Shopping businesses. We Help To Get! 1)  We help to make Global Procurement and Global Shoppingas easy as local procurement and shopping; 2)  We care about details; 3)  We promise what we can; 4)  We follow agreed procedures. Our advantages, 1)   Rich experiences in global procurement, business development fields, and international shopping market; 2)   Rich experiences with multinational companies, understanding their normal practices and procedures, meanwhile we know the local market, culture, and people better; 3)   Global insight and mind, getting used to multicultural, multinational business environments; 4)   Goal-oriented, detail-oriented, passionate and easygoing. Our key businesses are divided into two sections based on the current global roles of countries like China, Germany, other countries in the world, and the current global economic situation, which are, Section A, Reebert Global Procurement, Project Based Materia...






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